“Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.”

This is an incredibly intimate and personal post.  The images below show the physical aftermath of cancer on my three models.  I asked if each of the brave women of Beauty Reboot would be willing to show their scars, or as Sharon wonderfully calls them “beauty marks,” and to my surprise and great honor they all agreed. I am beyond humbled that these wonderful women trusted me to document the most intimate and revealing part of themselves, and to shed beautiful and positive light on the marks cancer left behind.

Sharon revealed, with great poise and presence, her scar from having both ovaries removed during her battle with ovarian cancer.  Megan was beginning her fourth round of chemo when we did the shoot so cancer had only begun to leave physical marks on her, but she showed off her chemo port scar.  Sandhya though, I was blown away by.  It took great bravery and trust to stand bold and bare chested in front of my camera.  It almost brought me to tears getting to capture how beautiful she is. Cancer may have left behind its mark, but she is showing the world with these images that you never need to be ashamed of a scar, or breasts that have felt the wounds of a double mastectomy and radiation.  Sandhya, and all of these women are absolutely beautiful, radiant, and powerful just the way they are.  Cancer will not win, it will not beat them down.  They have risen up, they have helped others, they are warrior women, they are Beauty Reboot.



Sharon is a beautiful women who battled ovarian cancer and has been chosen to celebrate her strength with a photo shoot in a Warrior Women series by Lucia Kiel Portraits