I first met Sharon in 2007 in an acting class in West Hollywood.  She was so passionate and driven, and was kind and open with me in a time when I was incredibly vulnerable.  I didn’t stay in the class long and shortly after Dillon and I moved out of LA.  But Sharon and I stayed in touch on Facebook and I followed along with all the incredible work she was doing with her organization Bald Is Beautiful.  When I came up with the idea to do a photoshoot for women with cancer I instantly thought of her.  I knew that she would bring something to this project that I never could, not only as a survivor of cancer but as an advocate for changing the definition of beauty.  I knew that she would be able to help shape the experience that I could give these women into something that would really benefit them, because she had been through it herself.

Sharon was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2000. She had surgeries and then began chemo.  Sharon describes chemo as “having a Mack truck running over me, back and forth, constantly, all day and night.”  After a couple remissions and loosing both her ovaries, Sharon has been cancer free for 13 years! Despite being cancer free she has chosen to remain bald in support and sisterhood with all the women out there who don’t have a choice.  She shows that bald truly is beautiful!

Here’s what Sharon had to say about the Beauty Reboot Experience:

“As part co-producer and part model, having my photos taken was a wonderful experience. It reminded me that I needed to give myself the day and the space to play, to let loose, and to always keep learning to see myself in new ways. In fact, my favorite pics are actually the ones in the tutu — something I did not expect at all! Wearing that big, bright, blue tutu and the big, shiny jewelry put me immediately in touch with my playful, girly side. Seeing Elisa [her sister] beaming with total giddy delight at the sight of me in the tutu was a bonus reboot of the day!

Overall, my experience being photographed was secondary to the joy and pride I felt as I watched Megan and Sandhya getting beautified and styled and photographed with so much love and care. They are both extraordinary women who beam with courage and beauty (even if they were only just beginning to recognize it fully). It was so inspiring to see their transformations — from my first hugs meeting them both and instantly feeling like “family”, throughout the shoot day, working with Elisa and Lucia, and also sitting with each of them as they got to see their final photos revealed for the first time. Mission accomplished!”

Makeup: Page Berse

Styling: Elisa Blynn