I am so pleased to introduce you to the extremely talented and beautiful Brandi.  Brandi is in the VADA program at Santa Barbara High School and is one of my 2017 senior models.  Brandi was photographed in the Funk Zone wearing a gorgeous ensemble from Lovebird Boutique.  These images are from her 10 minute model session, a perk of being on my model team.

It’s fortuitous that Brandi’s blog go up today because I am photographing her later this afternoon for her “Couture Shoot.”  This shoot is one of the biggest events of the senior model program and is going to be EPIC! I am doing seven separate concept shoots for it this year and they are all over the next two weeks! I can’t wait to show all the fantastic images we get. So excited!

Learn more about this lovely girl in the answers to her questionnaire bellow.  Brandi’s dream job is to be a musician and she is one of the few people who is already doing their dream job at 17. She is a very talented singer and songwriter and plays at venues like Soho and the County Fair.  You can find more about her music here.

– Nickname: Bran-Bran

– Favorite social media: I love all social media but if I had to choose my favorite would be Instagram.

– Dream Job: A musicia‍‍n

– How Do You Define Beauty?: Beauty to me is what comes from within. Every time I hear people’s stories I get a sense of who they are and where they come from. People's stories make them who they are which to me is beautiful.

– I chose Lucia Kiel Portraits and the model program because of the opportunity to make memories with new/ old friends and have a group of girls to share such a special time in our lives with. I also chose Lucia Kiel Portraits because of the style of her photography. She captures the true beauty of each individual and who they truly are.

– My biggest accomplishment in high school so far was making the varsity soccer team as starting varsity goalie as a freshman.

– Unusual Talent That I Have: Everyone knows I’m a musician but not many people know that I’m an artist digitally and visually.

– Favorite place on earth is the Trinity Hike in Humbolt County

– Favorite song is R Kelly’s When a Women Loves

– Person I most want to meet is Matt Corby

– Favorite things in my closet are my flannels, my boots and my jackets

– Something I Wish I Were Better At: I wish I was better at school

– 3 things I can’t live without are music, friends and my mom

– Something I always have in my purse is perfume

– Favorite app on my phone is Pinterest. It’s like my own little world of perfection

– My goal after high school is to go to SBCC to learn more about my craft and continue my journey on becoming a professional musician.

– My hobbies are interior design, writing songs, creating art, working out, DIY projects and making all natural beauty products.

– Favorite fictional character is Kim Possible

– Last good book I read is “Love Letters to the Dead”

– What I’m Excited About For My Senior Year: I’m excited about all the memories that will be made in our last year of high school and what everyone is going to do after this.