When Cottage Hill Magazine, a publication I admire deeply,  approached me to photograph a story for their upcoming Captivated Issue I was incredibly honored and grateful.  When they asked me who I would recommend to design the shoot, the lovely Joya Rose came instantly to mind.  Joya and I were friends when we were children and then lost touch for many years, I tracked her down to help create my vision for my Rustic Elegance styled wedding shoot.  I could not have done that shoot without her, and I knew she would be a perfect fit for Cottage Hill.

All Cottage Hill gave us to work from was a picture of Elizabeth Taylor painting on an easel in a field of flowers, it was up to Joya’s incredible creativity to create the shoot.  She found a truly special human and florist/artist in Yasmine Khatib and centered the shoot around her.  Yasmin has become a bit of an Instagram sensation with her authentic presence and incredibly beautiful floral creations.  She doesn’t really like to be in the photos herself though, as gorgeous as she is she is also timid and self conscious. It was interesting having the model in the shoot be someone who is incredibly uncomfortable in front of the camera.  But it helped me stay focused on creating images that were authentic to her nature.  She showed up to the shoot in her own vintage dress and hat and a car piled high with flowers.  It was such a relaxed and laid back shoot, just the three of us on the top of a mountain in Ojai on the Ojai Foundation, walking through fields of mustard and playing with flowers.

Joya interviewed Yasmine for her story in The Captivated Issue, and I just loved this quote from Yasmine: “I love working with something so ephemeral – there’s so much beauty in that which does not last.” It was such a pleasure to get to work with Yasmine and to get to see her create her art.  I truly love this shoot and am so excited that it will be in print in one of my favorite wedding magazines.

Design: Joya Rose

Model and muse: Yasmine Khatib

Location: Ojai Foundation