Introducing the book dress.  For the Creative Couture shoots that I do for my high school senior ROLEmodels I am constantly trying to think outside the box and push myself creatively.  I had a vision of a dress made out of book pages with pages flying all around, but turning the vision into reality was a different matter. It took some trial and error to figure it all out but I am overjoyed with how it all turned out and so excited that I was able to turn a pipe dream into reality.  I am an avid reader and so the idea of tearing a book up felt somewhat sacrilegious, but I found a discarded novel at the thrift store and made the entire dress out of it so I felt like I was giving the book a new life. You can watch the behind the scenes look at this shoot to see some of how these images were created.  I am also super honored to announce that I won two silvers in the prestigious Portrait Masters awards and accreditation program for two of these images. Beautiful Lily (Class of 2018), was the perfect model for this shoot and we had such an incredible day playing and creating art together.