These shoots are probably my favorite thing I have ever done. Serious creative play time for me and an incredible experience for my clients.  The images that are coming out of these shoots are also some of my favorite images ever. So exciting!! But let me rewind and tell you all about the Couture Shoots.  This year has been the first official year of my high school senior model program.  The girls in this program are senior portrait clients that also get extra shoots and benefits to help them feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.  These girls are all so incredible and all so beautiful inside and out.  The biggest event/benefit of the model program this year was the Couture Shoots.  I have seven models in the level that get this benefit and I wanted to do something really special for them.  Because I didn’t have too big a group I decided to give each girl her own creative concept shoot.  I planned seven concepts, some of which I had been dying to do for a while, and placed the girl that best fit each concept into a shoot.  Initially I was hoping to collaborate with the fashion school or find costumes for the shoot locally but when it came down to it I decided that I would be able to execute my creative idea much better if I just did everything.  So I made the dresses, sets, and even turned a cheep long wig into a Marie Antoinette style hair piece. I am going to share one image from each shoot bellow with some info about each concept and execution and later on I will have a post for each of the shoots and share lots of images! Enjoy!

Marie Antoinette: Gabi

I was very inspired by Marie Antoinette and classic portraiture for this shoot.  But I wanted to give the look a different fashion spin.  I wanted to keep the look simple and elegant focusing on the beauty of my model.  I made a tulle skirt with cheap white tulle that I tea stained and then sewed the remaining tea stained tulle onto a white (tea stained) corset along with a piece of my great grandmothers lace and vintage beadwork.  I couldn’t find a wig I liked so I bought a cheep long one on eBay and styled it into the desired shape.  I’m absolutely in love with how everything came out and am so excited to be able to create more images like this for my clients.

Clay: Sommer

This shoot was something I had been wanting to try for a while. It was my first time doing anything like this so I’m really excited with how well it came out.  For this shoot my makeup artist Beckie and I painted porcelain slip all over my senior model Sommer, who was awesome for being willing to try something so different.  I found a vintage looking bra and boy shorts for Sommer to wear under the clay as I wanted her to feel covered enough.  The clay encasing her body started off solid and then as she began to move more and more it flaked off more and more until it was almost gone.  Such an awesome shoot!

Lightbulbs: Izzy

Oh man this shoot was awesome! I had been wanting to try shooting with lightbulbs in the fore and background, and at first that’s all I had of the concept.  But once I made the black tulle gown and found the funky vintage ladder it all just came together so perfectly.  Can you believe this girl is 17?!?

Color: Brandi

I had been wanting to try some really close up beauty shoots and also wanting to experiment with color, so when I met Brandi and found out she is a total rockstar I knew this shoot was perfect for her.  My makeup artist Page did awesome work with some seriously out-there makeup and Brandi’s incredible eyes pull the whole thing together.

Dance: Alanna

I have been wanting to photograph a dancer forever, so when I got lucky enough to have Alanna on the model team I knew her shoot was going to be all about dance. This shoot was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in my work.  I was so excited with the images I was seeing back of camera and then to top it off we finished the shoot with a performance form Alanna to one of my favorite songs and the combination of her phenomenal dancing, the music, being right there in the moment filming and photographing her, the beauty of it all literally brought me to tears. I can not wait to share more of this shoot!

Flowers: Stacia

Pretty much as soon as I knew I was going to do the model program this year I went out and bought a bunch of silk flowers.  I knew I was finally going to get to have some serious fun with them, and did we ever.  I think the floral top really pulls the whole thing together.  What’s interesting is that it is actually hand stitched apolstry fabric my grandmother got in the 60s and never found a use for so my mom had it lying around the house and I got so excited when I saw it.

Fog: Lauren

This shoot was tough but ended up being one of the most beautiful.  I had never worked with dry ice before and wanted to use these shoots as a chance to try.  My fabulous model Lauren was up for the challenge so we jumped right in.  Unfortunately, Lauren ended up being seriously sensitive to the dry ice and could barely be in it at all.  I ended up having it merge images of her and images of the fog in the natural wreath we built for her to create the finished look of her in the fog.  Photoshop to the rescue!

I did some behind the scenes video of each of the girls getting made up by my incredible team of artists.  I wish I’d had someone filming during the actual shoots, but I did a little on my own. Anyway here is a little movie I made of the behind the scenes experience and some of the final images. Enjoy!

Hair and Makeup artistry by: Page Berse, Cheryl Nacario, and Beckie Covarrubias