It's time to share my favorite part of the senior model program again - the Creative Couture shoots! This year, for my class of 2018 girls, we seriously took it to the next level.  I did four themed shoots with two girls in each.  I custom made a dress/costume for each of the eight girls who did the shoots this year and really pushed myself to try a lot of new and creative things.  I'll share one image of each girl and a brief description of the shoot bellow and will share each shoot individually later on. Enjoy!

All the incredible and varied hair and makeup looks in these shoots came from my oh so talented and creative artist Cheryl Nacario.

I made a dress out of a book! I think books are precious and the written word should be honored. Someone had decided this old and worn out copy of The Mists of Avalon was trash, so I gave it a new life as two dresses and a fabulous photoshoot. This shoot was something totally new for me and required a lot of new editing techniques. But I was able to achieve exactly the look I wanted and could not be happier.

I was looking through Instagram one day and saw a senior shoot with a parachute skirt.  I thought that was simply fabulous and it got me thinking, why not make a whole dress out of a parachute. So I ordered a vintage parachute on eBay and to my surprise and delight it was pretty much asking to be a dress, it was absolutely perfect.  I managed to make two couture gowns out of one 25 foot parachute. I can't wait to take the big one out and really let it fly in an outdoor shoot.

Originally I wanted to do something similar to my flower themed shoot with Stacia last year so I could re-use all my gorgeous flowers, but by the time the gowns were finished I realized I needed to go in a different direction.  I wanted images out of this shoot that felt truly painterly, like vintage paintings you see in a museum but with a distinctively fashion flair.  I wanted to create floral headpieces that went one step beyond the flower crown and into a more fashion/editorial look.  The flowers and plant life in the first crown came entirely from my garden and kept wilting horribly in the heat of the day. For the second crown I learned my lesson and used olive branches and fake flowers so wilting was no longer and issue, I don't like it quite as much though.  Still, I love this shoot and this top images one of my favotires I've ever created.

I adore shooting dance style portraits! Creating movement and grace in images is such a pull for me. When I learned I had two dancers in the group I knew I had to do something with dance for them.  Inspired by my nightly readings to my son of Where the Wild Things Are I decided to make an indoor forests for my dancers to frolic in.