Here it is, my favorite work to date in my favorite shoots of the year, the Creative Couture Shoots for my ROLEmodel team, class of 2019.  I will share each of these complete shoots over time but for now here is a preview.  I had 11 girls do creative shoots this year so I broke them up into smaller groups and did five concepts or themes.  The first concept I thought of when it was time to plan for these shoots was a Botanical Portrait Series, where I would utilizes classical portraiture with a painterly feel and have a unique botanical element in each. The other themes were color smoke bombs and flowers; parachute dresses in the desert; vintage lightbulbs; and dance for my beautiful ballerina Shivali. Could not have done these shoots without my amazing team of hair and makeup artists who brought my visions to life and created some serious magic of their own.  Cheryl Nacario, Franchesca Solano, and Emily Kavaz I love you!

Enjoy a behind the scenes look at our shoots at the bottom of this page.



portrait of a girl in a succulent crown in a vintage painterly style

For Zoey I had an incredible vintage ivory gown so I knew I wanted to keep her look all white to create a beautiful monochromatic look.  These white flowers grow on my property for about two weeks once a year and when I saw them I knew they were perfect for Zoey and the vintage gown so I ended up having to shoot Zoey a week or so before everyone else so that we could use these flowers. This shoot could not have turned out more perfectly and the lovely Zoey could not have been more perfect for it.

portrait of a blonde girl in white flowers and vintage dress done in painterly style

I found these dried poppy heads a while back and knew I wanted to do something with them.  I realized we could wrap Ava's hair around them for a very unique hairdo and Franchesca, one of my amazing HMUAs executed my vision perfectly.  Ava was the absolute perfect model for this. I am so in love with her freckles and dark blue eyes with this look.

studio portrait of a girl with freckles and poppy heads in her hair and hands

For Beth and Megan's shoots I had to find a band new theme for them at the very last minute and I could not be happier with how it all turned out. I had used smoke bombs once before for a urban theme group shoot for my team but I wanted to try playing with them in a creative portrait set.  When I saw the wall of burgundy bouganvila I knew I had to put Beth in my burgundy tulle gown and play with those flowers and some smoke.  It was much harder than anticipated to work with the smoke and photoshop was definitely my friend here but it was so worth it in the end and I love her shoot.

portrait of a girl surrounded by color smoke and burgundy red flowers in wine colored dress and makeup

Everything kind of went wrong for this shoot and yet it turned out pretty much perfectly.  Not only was the concept a last minute creation but on the day of the shoot I had to find a new makeup artist and work with someone who is new to me (she's now on the team because she did such a fantastic job with such late notice), It also was basically raining.  My beautiful patch of matilija poppies that I was so excited to use for the shoot was all droopy and wet and I had to ask poor Megan to go out in the cold wet wearing almost nothing and model while surrounded with foul smelling smoke, and boy did she ever rock it! I'm so blessed with these wonderful girls that are up for anything and love to play and create.

portrait of a girl in santa barbara matilija poppies and surrounded by yellow smoke in fine art creative style
fashion portrait of a woman with fire makeup in hand made parachute dress at Lizards Mouth in santa barbara

I made two gowns out fo a vintage 25 foot parachute for my Creative Couture shoots last year and photographed them in studio.  But having never taken them outside to play I wanted to try that for Skyler and Jade's shoot and take the dresses and my gorgeous girls up to Lizards Mouth. It was a beautiful warm day at the studio while we were getting ready but when we got up to Lizards Mouth the temperature dropped into the 50s and there were gale force winds. These girls were such amazing troupers! Not only did they brave the elements but they had to assist with dress throwing since I lost my assistant at the last minute.  Skyler rocked the "big dress" with a fashion makeup look by Cheryl.

Jade rocked the "little dress" and not only looked like a total goddess while braving the elements but was also my assistant attempting to throw Skylers 25ft skirt in 40mph winds.  This girl is a born model and we had so much fun up on the mountain.

fashion portrait of a woman  in hand made parachute dress at Lizards Mouth in santa barbara standing on rock

I did  a vintage lightbulb shoot for one of my very first models, Izzy, back in 2016 and have been wanting to try it again.  I knew these girls would be a perfect fit for a rehashing of my classic shoot and they totally were.  Jess and her magnificent red har shine among the bulbs and I love this super glamorous look on her.

fashion portrait of beautiful red head girl in black lace dress surrounded by vintage lightbulbs

I knew Isabela was a perfect fit for this shoot because I couldn't wait to see the lightbulbs with her bright colored hair.   Her hair is a different color every time I photograph her and I feel like this bring purple is such a fun and perfect addition to this shoot.  I put her in my custom black tulle gown and we had fun tossing her skirt and getting out glam on.

fashion portrait of girl with purple hair in black tulle gown surrounded by vintage lightbulbs

Last but certainly not least, Sierra is everything in this shoot. I couldn't wait to try something high fashion and a little different with her. So we went with a bold makeup look and an awesome feather wrap.  She completely rocked the look and I got so many images I love I don't know how I'll every narrow them down.

fashion portrait of beautiful girl in black feathers surrounded by vintage lightbulbs
fine art dance portrait of indian ballerina

As soon as Shivali, an incredibly talented ballet dancer, joined he ROLEmodel team I started getting excited abut the dance images I would get to create with her. I photographed her in multiple looks but my favorite was the one bellow because it was the first time I tried photographing dance with a strobe and I am obsessed with the results. I can't wait to share all her beautiful images.


The Botanical Portrait Series has a big piece of my heart.  The inspiration for these shoots came to me and I just got so giddy.  It's such a beautiful and powerful thing when you envision how you want something to look and you actually get the exact result you want, and that's just how these shoots were. For Clare I chose succulents as her botanical element.  I have never made a succulent crown before but with my lovely mother's help we created something I am just so in love with and makes Clare look like a total goddess.