Oh how I loved this shoot!  I couldn’t believe how well everything came together.  I knew I wanted to do something vintage and creative.  I was inspired by Marie Antoinette and by a victorian inspired shoot done by my mentor Sue Bryce for this shoot.  I wanted it to be a relatively simple and clean look even though it was inspired by a decadent era, and focus more on the poses and stunning beauty of my senior model Gabi.  For this shoot I ended up creating everything to make the look myself, and I am not naturally a very crafty person.  This was pretty much my first time sewing and I am overjoyed with how everything turned out.  I tea stained yards and yards of tulle and made a skirt and bodice.  I sewed my great grandmother's lace and beadwork to the bodice to create a more vintage look.  For the wig, I looked everywhere for a Marie Antoinette wig but hated all of them, so I bought a cheep red long wig on eBay and styled it myself (something I am usually rubbish at).  I was so lucky to have Gabi as a model for this shoot, she followed all my directions to a T even when the poses felt bizarre and uncomfortable.  Creating work like this makes my heart sing and I want to do so many more of these create shoots.  Stepping out of my comfort zone was a little scary, but I am so in love with this kind of work now.  Who’s up next? Let’s create together!

This shoot was part of the Couture Shoots for my high school senior models (class 2017).  The Couture Shoots are one of the many benefits my models get for being part of my invite only model team,  a team geared towards making the girls feel beautiful and confident, and like they are part of a creative and supportive group.