Meet the lovely Emily, an incredibly driven junior at Santa Barbara High School, and one of my nine senior models.  Emily is in the MAD academy at her school focusing on multimedia and the arts, as well as an intern for my friend and videographer Jennie of Rivera Productions. I met Emily when she and Jennie volunteered to donate their time to film my Beauty Reboot project.  Emily was so dedicated to the project she ended up taking over and made the video pretty much by herself, you can see it here. She did a wonderful job.

These portraits are from Emily’s 10 minute model session, modeling the clothes of Lovebird Boutique. Such a cute look on Emily, I especially love her in that hat! Emily’s shoot was at Elwood Bluffs on our first day of model shoots.  You can hear more about the shoot and see the fun group images here.

Shop the look at: Lovebird Boutique

Makeup by: Page Berse

Hair by: Cheryl Nacario