Like so many women, Dori does not like what she looks like in pictures.  In fact she said she has never liked a photo of herself, so I knew I had a tough, but important job ahead of me.  I assured her at our consultation that with the proper posing, light, and makeover, I could change all that, and finally give her a portrait of herself that she would feel beautiful in.  I think it was very hard for her to be in front of the camera, but she wanted to give her husband a beautiful portrait for Christmas, and she wanted to celebrate being 60.  And I’d want to celebrate too, if I look like her at 60.  She is a truly beautiful woman, but it was hard to get her to see that.  After her reveal I think she is starting to see what other people see in her. And Dori is not just a beautiful 60 year old woman, she is a successful entrepreneur and loving wife.  She is so like so many women, and at the same time so completely one of a kind, and I’m happy I was able to give her this glamour experience and help her start to see her true beauty.