What could be better than a day out with your best girlfriends, or your mom and sisters, getting pampered with hair and makeup, drinking champagne, and getting photographed like a celebrity for the pages of Vanity Fair? These three best friends came to my studio for just that experience.  Jen, Amy, and Alicia are all moms of young kids and have extremely busy lifestyles. They rarely take time to take a break and pamper themselves. They are always taking pictures of their kids, but never get in front of the camera themselves.  As mothers it can be all too easy to loose the sense of ourselves as independent and glamorous woman.  This is where I come in.  I got to photograph these gorgeous ladies as a group to cherish and celebrate their friendships and also individually to give each of them the pampered portrait experience.  It was a fabulous day and something I want all women to experience.  We all need to take time to celebrate the women in our lives and ourselves.  We are all strong and beautiful women and deserve to start seeing ourselves that way.