I get excited just thinking about this shoot!  What an incredible experience this was. I was contacted my Chris (the husband) inquiring about family portraits. I almost recommended him to another photographer since I don't do family portraits in the traditional sense, but then we got to talking and I learned that his beautiful wife Trish was turning 50 and they had their five adult children all in town at the same time, so they wanted to celebrate with family portraits.  I suggested that instead of going to a park and getting some typical family portraits, that Trish and her three daughter come to the studio for full hair and makeup and have individual and group glamour portrait sessions. I suggested that Chris and his sons come to the studio a little later than the ladies so they could have individual and group portraits as well.  We got gorgeous Vanity Faire style portraits of all seven of them and every possible combination of groupings. For Trish's 50th birthday she had an incredible pampering and empowering experience with her family with lots of quality time and laughs and they all have gorgeous portraits to cherish for generations to come.  I want to give this experience to every family.  It was just so special. Enjoy their shoot below and get excited about having your own. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video at the bottom to get an idea of the experience.