I love every single one of my senior clients! I am so fortunate to photograph the sweetest most incredible young women. But there is something extra special about doing the senior sessions of my models. Having photographed them in so many different set ups and themes before we get to do their senior session and have it be truly all about them makes it so fantastic. I feel like these sessions capture a little extra magic and it was definitely like that with the lovely Izzy.

For Izzy’s senior portrait we drove out to Santa Ynez to the horse farm where her beloved Bravo lives. Izzy rescued Bravo from near death three years ago and their bond is pure magic. He trusts only her and she responds to his stubbornness with a strong will and fiery spirit of her own.  Watching beautiful Izzy and her horse together was such a treat and gave me an insight into this loving soul that I hadn’t had before. I loved getting to capture the beautiful bond they share and create timeless images for her to cherish for the rest of her days.