I had the incredible honor last week of photographing a fellow photographer.  Her work has been an inspiration to me for a while, and it was such an incredible, and somewhat nerve-wracking experience to work with and pose her.  This is Ashleigh’s first baby and motherhood looks SO good on her.  It was wonderful to get to know her and her husband a little bit during our shoot.  They share such a sweet and beautiful love.  Ashleigh is the owner and photographer at Ashleigh Taylor Photography, and has been voted one of the best wedding photographers in the world.  She has been in the business a lot longer than me, and even though she could have made me feel inexperienced and insecure, she was incredibly kind,  patient, and laid-back.  It was such a pleasure to photograph her, and I’m so excited to give her these beautiful maternity portraits that capture this special time.   Best of luck to you Ashleigh and AJ, you are going to make wonderful parents.