What is more beautiful than a woman about to bring new life into the world.  She is at peace, she is present in her body, she is more than just herself.  But when we are pregnant it can be hard to see this beauty and power in ourselves. Sometimes all we see is how much weight we’ve gained and how uncomfortable we feel. Pregnancy feels like an eternity when you are in it and a blink of an eye when you look back on it, but it is the only time when you and your child are one, when you are at your most goddess like.  It deserves to be captured as the magical beautiful time that it is, especially because it doesn’t always feel that way.  Pregnant women deserve to be pampered and made to see the beauty in themselves and their incredible, life creating bodies.

Chanel was self conscious because her belly hadn’t popped as much as she wanted for maternity portraits and she was focused on the weight she’d gained, but all I saw was a goddess.  This session just blew me away.  I could photograph maternity all day every day and be a very happy woman.  Seeing the love and anticipation on the faces of Chanel and her fiancé, and getting to capture this moment for them before they embark on the greatest adventure of their lives is such a special gift and I am so grateful.