This shoot has a very special place in my heart. Amrita and her wonderful husband suffered through seven years of infertility and seven failed IVF's before they stood before my lens celebrating a healthy pregnancy.  After trying so hard for so long Amrita was creating life and I wanted her to feel like the goddess that she is. I wanted to give her portraits that would forever mark this time of triumph, relief, love and blessings.  This session was also a unique and fun change because Amrita wanted to have a creative side to her portraits and wanted images that were "dark and etherial." I came up with two concepts for her. First I wanted to create an earth mother/nature goddess kind of feel. Then I wanted to give the feel of her laying in the clouds but without the use of dry ice/fog.  I used lots and lots of tulle to create a cloud look and am pretty happy with the results. We finished with more classic portraits of Amrita and her and her husband. I just adore this session and this wonderful woman that I got to spend the day with.  Right about now she should be cuddling her two new twin boys and I am confident She and Amul will make incredible parents. Enjoy!