The 2017 Senior Model Program had a bit of a rocky but also incredible start! I did a test run of my senior model program last year with one model and started it officially this year with nine wonderful models.  The first benefit my senior models get is a brief model session partnered with a local boutique.  We partnered with the incredible Lovebird Boutique for this years shoots.  I just love Lovebird! So many incredibly wearable and gorgeous looks. For these shoots I broke the models up and photographed them in groups of three over three days.  Bellow you will see some fun group images we captured after they had all had their 10 minute model session.  I will be posting each of the girls model sessions every Monday. These posts will give you a chance to meet these wonderful girls that I am lucky enough to work with.

Our first day of model shoots and also my first time working with these girls got off to a bit of a rocky start. Because we had one less artist then we thought we were going to, hair and makeup ran an hour late and by the time we left the studio it was 6:30pm, and we had to drive a half hour to Elwood Bluffs! By the time we got there the sun was already starting to set and we had to literally run up and down the path to the bluffs to catch the last light.  I hate being rushed, but luckily years of shooting weddings has taught me to think on my feet and deal quickly with any situation that arrises.  I can’t believe how many gorgeous images we got in such a short window of time.  It helps that the beautiful Stacia, Sommer, and Emily are so easy and natural in front of the camera and were quick to go with the flow and make it work.  I adore these girls already and am so glad I get to photograph them for a whole year! Enjoy the group images below and look for Stacia’s model session on Monday.