I’ve always wanted to play with color smoke bombs and these play shoots are the perfect time to try new things and just play! This shoot was the first “play shoot” for my new team and the last for my old one.  Sadly only three from my class of 2017 team were able to make it but they represented their team well.  This shoot was super fun and very smoky. On the day of the shoot we had a wind advisory and got totally lost finding the location, so we weren’t off to a great start but once we found the site, an abandoned and grafitied ruin on the beach the shoot was lots of fun, al best very windy.  With the wind than the fact the the smoke bombs only produce smoke for 90 seconds we had to move very fast to get the shots.  In the future I would only use smoke bombs for individual portraits not groups. With so many people I had to move too fast to pose, and looking at the photos after the fact I was reminded just how important posing really is.  We had fun though and still go some great photos. Check it out!