Gabi Peoples is one of the eight girls I have been fortunate enough to photograph and get to know and love over the last year.  This girl is a serious all star, and not just in volleyball where she is literally an all star and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we saw her at the Olympics.  She brightens up every room she walks into and I was so sad when she moved to Portland with her family right after junior year. I wish I could have photographed her more.But what a treat when Gabi and her wonderful mother Darrien came back into town for the weekend and we got to do the anti-bulling shoot on Saturday and this wonderful Mother+Daughter shoot on Sunday.  The relationship Gabi and her mom have is truly enviable, they are serious #motherdaughtergoals.  I so love that Gabi and Darrien valued having portraits together enough that they came all the way back into town for them.  Mother+Daughter sessions might be my favorite because not only do I get to capture the eternal bond between a mom and her little girl and give them a portrait of their love for all time, but I get to photograph each of them on their own and make them feel beautiful and valuable on their own.  This is especially important for the mom’s like Darrien who avoid getting in front of the camera and hate pictures of themselves.  Darrien you deserve to exist in photos just like every other women and you deserve to feel beautiful.  I wish every mother and daughter would come in for a portrait session. These are portraits and moments that  Gabi and Darrien will cherish for the rest of their lives, and that one day Gabi’s children and children’s children will cherish.