When Karen was getting ready for her photoshoot she kept telling me how un-photogenic she was and how uncertain she was about the shoot, and I assured her that it wasn't her job to be photogenic, it was my job to make her feel conformable and to take the most beautiful portrait she had ever seen of herself. Mission accomplished!

Karen is an author and came to me to create images for her upcoming book release.  Here autobiographical stories were organized by personality archetypes and she wanted to take a variety of portraits that represented some of those archetypes.  Needless to say it was a super fun a creative shoot.  

The first set of images are for her "dreamer" archetype Next, for the "artist" archetype I put her in my book dress since her art is writing. We filled that up with some darker images for the " harlequin/clown" archetype as well as getting some classic portraits.  Next we did the " student" and finally the "teacher."  I so loved getting to create this series of images for the lovely and talented Karen and am honored to have one of my portraits gracing her book cover!