I’m so happy to introduce another one of my fabulous class of 2018 senior models, Haley is an incredible dancer and the sweetest girl.  She is modeling a super cute look from Blanka Boutique.  I am having so much fun getting to know these girls and this was the perfect way to start off our year of shoots.  I’m so excited to photograph Haley dancing in her Creative Couture shoot next month. Learn some fun facts about Haley bellow and check out her shoot.

Name: Haley Chapman

Hometown: Santa Barbara

Nickname: Hay, Hales

Favorite social media: snapchat and Instagram

Dream job: fashion designer, buyer for a clothing store, interior designer, or opening my own business

How do you define beauty? I believe that beauty is what comes from within. It’s the kindness of your heart, soul, and how you present yourself to others.

I choose Lucia Gill Photography and this model  program because: I saw her work over instagram and fell in love with it all. I love that Lucia wants to empower woman to show how beautiful they are inside and out. I think she’s doing a wonderful thing and I’m so happy to be apart of it!

Biggest accomplishment: Performing and competing a solo, MAD academy, working at Wendy Foster

Unusual talent that I have: walking on my hands

Favorite place on earth: Cayman Islands

Favorite song: I have too many favorites so some of my favorite artists are: jack johnson, Chris Stapleton, john Mayer, Damian Marley and many more.

Person I most want to meet: misty copeland

Favorite things in my closet: I could never narrow that down so everything pretty much! I love clothes haha!

Something I wish I were better at: public speaking

3 things I can’t live without: Dance, people I love and care for, sushi!

Something I always have in my purse: coconut lotion

Favorite app on my phone: Instagram

My goal after highschool: My goal after high school is to go to city college and take some interior design/fashion classes. I also want to keep working at the job I have right now and continue to dance.

Hobbies: dance, yoga, hiking, cooking, and art

Favorite fictional character: sleeping beauty

The last good book I read: Love, Style, Life

What I’m excited about for my senior year: I’m excited to take some city college classes and do some traveling with my friend Kate.

A random fact about myself: I love uni shooters!

My friends would describe me as: a problem solver, funny, and caring.