Meet Bethany! One of my 12 High School Senior ROLEmodels for the class of 2019, and an all around wonderful girl.  Beth will not only be a spokesmodel on my team but she will also be my intern this year so she can learn about her passion of being a portrait photographer.  I am so excited to work with this sprinted and kind you woman and teach her all I can about the ins and outs of a portrait photograph business.  You can learn more about this Dos Pueblos junior in the answers to her questionnaire bellow. I especially love her answer to "how do you define beauty"!

Beth is rocking a look from Sirena Boutique in the Funk Zone. This look is very different from what I have done for the boutique shoots in the past so I thought it would be fun to change it up and shoot it with strobes and play with some different editing. What do you think?

Name: Bethany Ribet

Hometown: Solvang (but I recently moved to Goleta)

Nickname: Beth or ribbit

Favorite Social Media: Snapchat or Instagram

Dream Job: My absolute dream job is to be a linguistics specialist and behavioral analyst in foreign interrogations for either a branch of the US defense organizations or Interpol, but i would also love to be a portrait photographer!

How do you define beauty?: I believe that beauty is authenticity in the simplest forms. The crinkle by your eyes from smiling, breathless laughter, tears of empathy, and everything else that is an unrefined display of genuineness.

I chose this model program because I am really interested in portrait photography and this is such an incredible opportunity to learn more about it from such an amazing woman and photographer. It also is a chance for me to become more comfortable in front of a camera and maybe will help me to be less critical of myself in photos.

Unusual talent: I can whistle three different ways. I also can count to ten in german, russian, french, spanish and italian.

Favorite place on earth: I love too many places to really decide, but two of my favorites are Biarritz, which is a little town on the border of France and Spain, and Mill Creek Canyon which is in California

Favorite song: Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Favorite things in my closet: My oversized sweaters and hoodies!

Something I wish I was better at: Dancing for sure

3 things I can't live without: Music, people I love, and animals!!!

Something I always have in my purse: I usually carry around a little backpack but it almost always has my camera in it!

My favorite app on my phone: Boring I know, but the google drive app. I upload my photos i take to there so it's basically my storage which I can access anytime

My goal after high school: go to city college and double major in linguistics and behavioral psychology. Then transfer after two years to a four year university or apply to a US Defense Academy

My hobbies: Archery, Photography, drawing, traveling, studying languages, studying marine animals, and i just began learning guitar.

Favorite fictional character: Either Toulouse (from Moulin Rouge) or Stitch

What am I excited for senior year: This program of course, being able to focus more on studying what I love, and going on adventures with my friends

A random fact about myself: I had eleven surgeries before I turned 15

My friends would describe me as: Clumsy, honest, brave, loyal, passionate, and spirited