Meet the beautiful Clare! Clare is one of my 11 ROLEmodels for class of 2018 and a truly incredible girl inside and out. Clare is rocking a beautiful outfit from Sirena Boutique, my new favorite Funk Zone hotspot. I so love this look on Clare. This shoot was so fun because Clare had never had her hair and makeup done (or even used to wearing makeup), or been professionally photographed, so I so loved giving her this new and fabulous experience.

1. ROLEmodel Name: Clare Benton

2. Hometown: Goleta

3. Nickname: Clarebear or Clarebelle

4. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Combo (what’s your favorite social media): Snapchat

5. Dream Job: to be a singer

6. How Do You Define Beauty?: Real beauty goes so much deeper than just the way someone looks. Beauty is loving yourself for who you are and not being afraid to express yourself, despite what other people think.

7. I Chose Lucia Kiel Portraits and This ROLEmodel Program Because: I thought it would be a really fun opportunity to not only take some really cool pictures, but also gain more confidence in myself and learn to love myself and my body more.

8. Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School: Having a 4.0 or over in both Freshman and Sophomore year

9. Unusual Talent That I Have: I can balance things on my head for a really long time

10. Favorite Place On Earth: Seattle, Washington

11. Favorite Song: Marry You by Bruno Mars

12. Person I Most Want To Meet: Paul McCartney

13. Favorite Things In My Closet: My lululemon leggings because they’re crazy comfortable and my sweaters

14. Something I Wish I Were Better At: Dancing

15. 3 Things I Can't Live Without: As cheesy as it sounds, my phone, my friends, and my dad

16. Something I Always Have In My Purse: A deck of cards

17. Favorite App On My Phone: YouTube

18. My Goal After High School: I’m not exactly quite sure what I want to do yet, so honestly my goal for now is to go to City College and find my true passion and be happy doing whatever I’ve chosen.

19. My Hobbies: I love to sing for fun and I also play guitar and my ukulele I named Steven.

20. Favorite Fictional Character: Harry Potter

21. The Last Good Book I Read: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

22. What I'm Excited About For My Senior Year: Not taking as many hard classes as I am this year and doing the modeling program

23. A Random Fact About Myself: I went to England when I was 4 and ever since then i’ve loved to travel

24. My Friends Would Describe Me As: outgoing, hardworking, caring, organized, quirky