Year three of my high school senior ROLEmodel program is off to an incredible start! We just finished our Boutique Shoots and photographing 12 girls over two days with four boutiques is no joke! These shoots are so fun because they are the girls first time being photographed professionally with hair and makeup and the whole setup.  In the past years I've partnered with one or two boutiques, but this year we had four boutiques! Lovebird, Sirena, Loveworn, and The Shopkeepers.  Skyler is one of two girls rocking a look from local Funk Zone boutique Loveworn.  This look is so different from what I am used to photographing, and I absolutely love it. Skyler pulls it off with absolute perfection and serious model status.  The hair and makeup look created by my incredible team of Franchesca Morano and Cheryl Nacario perfectly compliments and gives a little vintage flair to this fun outfit. Love this look and this beautiful girl. This year is going to be amazing! Get to know a little about Skyler, a junior at Santa Barbara High School, in her answers to my questionnaire bellow.

1. ROLEmodel Name: Skyler Kirschke

2. Hometown: Santa Barbara

3. Nickname: Sky

4. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Combo (what’s your favorite social media): My favorite social media is definently snapchat because its more of a personal look into everyones daily life and its the most humerous and entertaining to me.

5. Dream Job: My ultimate dream job is to be a writer, wether it be for bookwriting, a magazine, or movie script, I know I just want to do something involving my own creative writing.

6. How Do You Define Beauty?: I would define beauty as kindness, and how one can touch others lives in positive ways.

7. I Chose Lucia Kiel Portraits and This ROLEmodel Program Because: It seemed like an amazing platform to come out of my shell and get experience in modeling, as well as make new relationships along the way.

8. Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School: Receiving straight A’s this year which would have never been something I would have acheived the last two years.

9. Unusual Talent That I Have: I can crack my wrist very easily, I dont know if thats a talent!

10. Favorite Place On Earth: Kauai! It is the most beautiful and home like place I have ever visited.

11. Favorite Song: Kids by MGMT

12. Favorite Things In My Closet: My favorite things in my closet would probbaly have to be my summer dresses.

13. Something I Wish I Were Better At: Math! I suck.

14. Something I Always Have In My Purse: Chapstick

15. Favorite App On My Phone: Horoscope daily, I very much beleive in horoscope readings of the signs!

16. My Goal After High School: I'm not quite sure yet but I know I want it to be involved in creating something.

17. My Hobbies: Reading, Writing, art & photography.

18. What I'm Excited About For My Senior Year: Having more free time to focus on my hobbies and discovering what I want to do after highschool!

19. A Random Fact About Myself: I am vegan!

20. My Friends Would Describe Me As: Probably comical & creative.