Meet Zoey! She is a junior at San Marcos High and one of my amazing ROLEmodels for the class of 2019! Zoey is so much fun to photograph and I am so excited for a year of working with her and all my girls. Zoey is rocking an incredible look from Sirena boutique that is just so perfect for Santa Barbara Spring/Summer. I love the styles at Sirens so much.  If you haven't checkout it out yet you defiantly should head to the Funk zone and do so. You can get to know the lovely Zoey in her answers to the questionnaire bellow.  

1. ROLEmodel Name: Zoey Pedersen

2. Hometown: Santa Barbara

3. Nickname: Zobunny

4. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Combo (what’s your favorite social media): Instagram and Snapchat (insta:zoeyyy.p Snapchat:zobunny7)

5. Dream Job: Anything in fashion and traveling.

6. How Do You Define Beauty?: Beauty is a feeling not a look. I believe everyone’s beauty is there personality and the uniqueness someone brings to the table.

7. I Chose Lucia Kiel Portraits and This ROLEmodel Program Because: I thought it would be a great way to show everyone that no matter what you look like you will always be beautiful and i thought it would help grow my personality.

8. Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School: My biggest accomplishment is balancing school and sports, I have been able to keep straight A’s while playing soccer.

9. Unusual Talent That I Have: I know how to solve a Rubix cube

10. Favorite Place On Earth: The beach! Any beach !!

11. Favorite Song: Anything country! right now one number away by Luke combs.

12. Person I Most Want To Meet: Beyoncé because she is a great role model about body and breath positivity.

13. Favorite Things In My Closet: My flowy patterned pants,my jean skirt, and my crop tops.

14. Something I Wish I Were Better At: cleaning and staying organized.

15. 3 Things I Can't Live Without: shoes, clothes, and animals (cats)

16. Something I Always Have In My Purse: sunglasses, chapstick and keys, wallet, and the book I am reading

17. Favorite App On My Phone: Amazon

18. My Goal After High School: finish college and find something I really enjoy doing as my job.

19. My Hobbies: soccer, shopping, and going to the beach

20. Favorite Fictional Character: Don’t have one.

21. The Last Good Book I Read: The Thing About The Truth

22. What I'm Excited About For My Senior Year: Getting to find myself and get a little more freedom to do so.

23. A Random Fact About Myself:I love coffee way to much.

24. My Friends Would Describe Me As: Fun and dorkily cute.