When I learned of of the Beauty Revived organization and magazine and their mission to celebrate and recognize true beauty in girls and women I knew I had found a kindred spirit business and knew I had to apply for their 50 Beautiful Seniors Campaign.  This campaign would select 50 photographers to each choose a truly deserving high school senior who needed to be celebrated for her true beauty of spirit.  This was a session that we would be gifting to the chosen senior so we could do good with our cameras and empower those who may not otherwise have the opportunity.  This is something I try to do every few months in my business anyway, and holds a very special place in my heart, so submitting was a no brainer, but being chosen was a HUGE honor.  After putting our a call for nominations, this wonderful girl Bella was nominated by her best friend Haley (one of my first seniors!) and I knew right away that she was the one.

Bella is truly one of the sweetest, most genuine, and truly appreciative individually I have ever met.  Half way through our shoot she let me know that she had actually always wanted to do her senior portraits with me but that it just wasn't an option financially so she was so blown away when I messaged her out of the blue to tell her she had been nominated and chosen and would receive her whole senior experience for free! It made my day to not only know that I was celebrating this girl who so thoroughly deserved it, but that I had also made a dream come true.

For Bella's shoot I partnered with my favorite boutique Blanka in Montecito and she generously styled three gorgeous looks for Bella. For her creative portion I make Bella an epic flower crown and gown and we had so much fun creating painterly pieces. Bella's hair and makeup was kindly donated and artfully done by my incredible hair and makeup artist Cheryl Nacario. I don't know what I would do without this fabulous lady by my side.

‍‍‍In addition to Bella's shoot being in a magazine she also got to have an article about who she is and why she was nominated. Her best friend Haley wrote it and I will include it here:‍‍‍

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When Lucia announced that she was doing a campaign with Beauty Revived and searching for a senior who embodied true beauty, my mind instantly went to Bella. My senior portrait shoot with Lucia was such a unique and special experience for me and I wanted Bella to be able to have that experience as well. I am so excited that Bella had the opportunity to be photographed by Lucia, because I know it is something she really wanted, but without the campaign, it would probably not have been possible. Bella is beautiful in every possible sense of the word, and it is her beautiful heart and story that made me want to nominate her.

Isabella Faith Scott has been in my life since she was a baby. We grew up together, she was the little sister I always wanted. Although she is two years younger than me, I find myself constantly looking up to her, admiring her grace and especially her strength. Bella’s younger sister, Jacque, was born with a disease called Krabbe Leukodystrophy and passed away in 2007, when Bella was 6 years old.  Instead of letting this devastating loss destroy them, Bella and her family continue to honor Jacque through supporting the families who have children with Krabbe Leukodystrophy. Every summer Bella and her family attend the Hunter’s Hope Symposium in New York where Bella spends most of her time with the children who have Krabbe and their siblings, extending her compassion and support to the many families through her dedication to spreading love and working with children.

One of the most admirable qualities about Bella is her dedication. She is a loyal friend, daughter, sister, and follower of Christ. Jacque’s passing led Bella to creating a stronger relationship with the Lord and she lives her life spreading His word and light.  Because of this dedication she is committing her life to Christian Ministry and Elementary Education.  She would like to be able to travel to different countries and educate them as well as share the gospel.

Having Bella as my best friend is one of the things that I feel most lucky for in my life. She brings out the best in other people and sheds so much light into any space she enters. She is the kind of person that you can sit with and talk nonstop for hours or simply exist in the same room without saying anything and still feel loved and comfortable. That’s the thing about her, she makes everyone and anyone feel loved and important.

I think that is another one of the main reasons I nominated her; I want her to have the opportunity to feel as loved, important, and beautiful as she makes others feel. I also want more people to be lucky enough to have her in their life, and sharing her story will hopefully shed her light into others lives, even those she may never meet. I am so proud of who she has become and who she will continue to grow to be.