When Kaitlyn first approached me about doing her senior portraits I was blown away by her initial email. She talked about struggling with self confidence and bullying. She told me about how she is actually taking City College classes instead of continuing with high school because the situation with bullying was so bad, and she wanted to do senior portraits so she could still memorialize her senior year.  Kaitlyn was drawn to my message about empowerment and was hoping that I could help her see her own beauty.  I was ecstatic to get this message, my goal is to help girls and women like Kaitlyn feel empowered by their photoshoot and portraits so this message spoke to my soul mission.  This shoot was so fun, we got to do a variety of looks including classic glamourous studio portraits and luminous natural outdoors images. Kaitlyn, you are truly gorgeous, inside and out, and it was an honor to get to capture that for you.