Oh beautiful Jolie, this session was so magical. For you to show up after your fourth round of chemo with strength and beauty radiating out of you and not only be willing to take portraits without your head scarf but be proud to do so, just made my heart so full and my love and admiration for you grow.

As a valued member of my senior model team for class of 2018, I have been photographing Jolie for a while, and when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma I was devastated and terrified for my dear girl. Jolie texted me asking if she shouldn't come to the group shoots anymore because she didn't think she looked good anymore without her hair. I, of course, told her that I wanted to photograph her more than ever to show her that she is truly beautiful no matter what, hair or no hair.  Cancer can take away a lot, but it can't change who you truly are or take away your true beauty.  I was simply staggered by how drop dead gorgeous Jolie looked in this session and how fully she was standing in her power and worth, and just fighting like hell.

I am so incredibly overjoyed to be able to say that‍‍ Jolie is now cancer free!!  There is a lot we can learn from Jolie and how positive she stayed through this ordeal and how bald truly is beautiful, and loosing hair and health does not change what really matters.