Stacia is going into her senior year at San Marcos High School, and like most girls she does not fit into a stereotype nor can she be boxed into one kind of beauty.  She is as beautiful and natural in a flowy dress on the waterfront as she is in a funky urban street look in the Funk Zone.  With my senior session she was able to embrace all aspects of her personality and celebrate what makes her the unique beauty that she is. We even got to  play dress up with my studio wardrobe and do a greek goddess themed look! I love this session so much! Getting to capture the inner and outer beauty of sweet girls like Stacia makes my heart so happy.  Stacia is a kind, sensitive and generous soul.  She runs a summer bible camp for kids, she cares deeply for her friends.  She is beautiful and intelligent. But like most women she has a hard time seeing her own beauty.  Stacia was just picked up by a modeling agency and I know she will be very successful with that and with her future plans to open her own business.  I only hope that modeling never makes her feel that she isn’t perfect just the way she is.  I hope she can hold on to the confidence this shoot gave her and never let anyone make her feel that she needs to be skinnier or look or act different. I definitely feel like we are going to be seeing Stacia in fashion magazines in the not so distant future and I will be honored to get to say “I photographed her first.” 😉

Stacia is also one of my class of 2017 senior models, it has been such a joy to photograph her in so many different looks.  You can check out her model shoot for Lovebird Boutique here, or her creative Couture Shoot in the flowers here.

Senior portrait at Santa Barbara harbor