This has got to be my all time favorite "play shoot" with my senior model team.  I love Annie Leibowitz's Vanity Fair style, and have always wanted to do a group shoot in the style of their Hollywood group shoots. Not as many of my team were able to participate as I'd hoped but I am still really happy with the results. We shot this shoot over two days and the full group images are composites.  This was also one of my first time using my new studio light, and my girls got to be my guinea pigs.  I am so in love with the looks we got and am so happy that I can now offer this glamorous look in addition to the beautiful natural light I usually use in studio. The girls are all wearing gowns I have in studio for my clients and I can't believe how well they all work together.  So, who wants to wear one of these gowns and be photographed like this?