Oh my has it been a fun year working with my first ever senior model team! They are all such delightful and incredible girls, and I am blessed to have each and every one of them on the team.  This shoot was the last big hurrah of the experience for the girls and so much fun for me. Although we have a few more “play shoots” left before the girls graduate this is the only fully styled shoot.  The theme was Wanderlust or Free Spirit but it kind of turned into more of a tribal theme. I wanted something that showed the free spirit vibe of senior year and felt fun and different.  We set the shoot at Knapps Castle in Santa Ynez. When we first arrived loaded up with props for the shoot and made the trek out to the ruins the sun was shining and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful and warm day. However, the weather had other plans and shortly after the first few shots the fog began to roll in and the winds rose up and the temperature dropped 10 to 20 degrees.  For any other shoot I would have been devastated since the golden light at Knapps is just everything, but for this shoot it ended up being perfect! The dark and moody clouds moving in were kind of epic! I did feel bad for the girls since it was so cold, but they were such troopers and just totally rocked it.

This shoot shows strong and powerful women who are comfortable in their bodies and themselves, they are warrior women and they are beautiful inside and out.  Women are stronger and more resilient than this country seems to know and these girls are the future.

This shoot was such a labor of love and was only possible because I am surrounded by strong, incredible women. My super fierce models, Stacia, Brandi and Lauren, were so on point, and my wonderful assistant and second shooter Kortney was such a blessing. Cheryl Nacario and Beckie Covarrubias my two phenomenal makeup artists brought my vision to life with perfect hair and makeup and I could not have done this shoot with out every single one of these remarkable women.  I had planned on working with a designer and planner on this shoot but when that fell through I had to make do with what I had and boy am I lucky that my mom traveled a lot in college and after and kept all kids of fantastic stuff! For this shoot we used textiles and vintage jewelry from my mom’s travels in Morocco and other fabulous locations.  I hope you enjoy perusing the images bellow as much as I enjoyed taking them!