I shot Dayli’s maternity portraits a little over a year ago. When she came to me asking to book a boudoir shoot to surprise her husband as a 10 year anniversary gift I was so excited and of course said a resounding yes, but warned her that I actually don’t shoot boudoir. I encourage my clients to bring any kind of outfits they want to be photographed in, and this includes lingerie.  But I will photograph them beautifully in lingerie the same way I would in any other kind of outfit, focusing on making them look and feel beautiful as a whole and vibrant woman, not just making their buts and boobs look sexy.  Boudoir as a genre is all about focusing on sexualizing parts of the body, often the woman's face will even be out of focus and her chest or rear will be the focus of the image. This bothers me as a photographer of women. I want to empower my clients to love their bodies and themselves. I want their portraits to feel full of connection and depth, showing the unique light within each woman.  You will look sexy in my portraits, if that is something you want, and you will look like you.  I won’t take pictures that don’t empower you, and instead turn you into just your body parts, you are so much more than that, and deserve to be captured as such.  I told all of this to the lovely Dayli and she was really excited to do a shoot, so we created a subtly sexy and luminous shoot for her.  I just love this shoot so much.  I love Dayli in this shoot, but I also love that I could do this with any woman, any age, any size, to make them feel beautiful and sexy but still feel covered and confident. We also did a few classic lingerie looks at the end to give her more of the look she originally envisioned.  This beautiful woman was so nervous for this shoot but she totally rocked it.  She is just so beautiful inside and out. And even though we all wish we could look like this after four kids and 10 years of marriage Dayli has a hard time seeing her own beauty just like the rest of us. I hope this shoot helps her see how magnificent she is.  She did this for her husband, but I hope it’s Dayli that really gets something out of it.