“Santa Barbara High School Crowns Transgender Girl Prom Queen!”

When I read that headline I was so excited and blown away. The world can seem like such a dark and scary place sometimes but it’s things like that that show how far we’ve come and how beautiful the world can be. When I was in high school you didn’t even hear about transgender people and I don’t think there were even many, if any, openly gay kids in my school.  And now, to be able to be yourself truly and be embraced for it, it’s just so fantastic! I know this isn’t the case in many other communities all over the country and world, but that’s why Blue’s story is so important, because it can give hope to those who don’t have the level of support she’s received.  That’s why I wanted to tell her story, I wanted to not only celebrate this wonderful woman for standing in her truth and totally owning her beauty, but to show all the other young people out there a ray of hope.  I want to show everyone I can that there is nothing more beautiful than being truly yourself.

Blue was unhappy and confused for a lot of her life, not feeling right in her skin but not knowing why. She says she “knew what she wasn’t, but did’t know what she was” until the reality of transgender was presented to her.  She wasn’t able to fully come to terms with her true self and realize her authentic path until she was well into junior year of High School.  Blessed by a wonderful group of friends in the VADA program and an incredibly supportive family, Blue was celebrated and supported when she came out.  So supported that she was nominated and named prom queen! Blue and her mother are active and valued members of the wonderful LGBTQ community that we have here in beautiful Santa Barbara, and Blue is a peer advocate for other young people.

Meet Blue and her mom and hear more of her story in the little video I made above, and enjoy her beautiful photoshoot bellow.