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"You are a sea of light.  Open your eyes.  See yourself."

-Nayyirah Waheed



A photoshoot experience

culminating in a gallery-style exhibition

and celebration of women and their stories of becoming

Together we can...

~ celebrate the women we are becoming ~

~ showcase our diverse strength and beauty ~

~ empower our daughters, friends, and other women by example ~

When is the last time you took a moment to stop, reflect, and celebrate the woman you are becoming?

Are You Ready to Meet Your Future Self?

In 2021, I am looking for 21 women to celebrate with a one-of-a-kind photoshoot experience through the BECOMING campaign. The campaign is an initiative to highlight a diverse group of women who are making changes in their lives.

Here’s the truth, there’s so much talk about women inspiring and empowering other women, but to inspire and empower others you must first be empowered and inspired yourself. This is your opportunity to experience something unique and powerful where you get to celebrate who you are becoming and visualize your future self through gorgeous creative portraiture.  

And the celebration goes beyond the photoshoot -- all 21 women will be featured in an exclusive gallery exhibition to showcase you and your unique story! This is more than just “taking pretty pictures" (and trust me, you will love your photos!). It’s about visualizing your future self, expressing her through portraits, and celebrating the journey of becoming.

What's Included

All ‘Becoming’ participants will get to enjoy the full Lucia Kiel Portraits experience including:

1. Styling consultation with me to discuss how you want to be photographed, what outfits you would like to wear, and what you would like to showcase in your photoshoot.

2. Professional hair and makeup on the day of your photoshoot (you will look and feel amazing!)

3. Access to my exclusive studio wardrobe with hundreds of gowns and accessories that will make you feel like a celebrity.

4. Three-hour photoshoot in my private Santa Barbara studio where you will be guided and pampered from head to toe

5. Guidance and a focus on stepping into your power and becoming your future self.

6. Complimentary gallery exhibit print (a $700 value!) – my gift to you for taking part in the project and for celebrating yourself!

7. Portrait reveal where you will see all your beautiful photographs and have the opportunity to purchase more.

8. Invitation to you and your guests to a gallery-style exhibit showcasing YOU

9. $250 in credit towards your custom portrait collection.

Total Cost: $399

(a $1,640 value!)

$399 non-refundable retainer includes your photoshoot, hair and makeup artistry, consultation, reveal, gallery art piece, and $250 in credit towards a collection.

There is no cost to apply.


IMG 5910

If your 2020 was anything like mine, it was a year of massive growth, change, and transformation. That’s why I started the 'Becoming' campaign -- to celebrate not only the woman that you are, but also the woman you are becoming. As a woman, I understand how it feels to see yourself as not enough. I know how it feels to feel not thin enough, not young enough, not good enough. But I also know what beauty looks like and I know how to make it shine out of you, and how to help you discover what was already there to begin with. I believe that every woman is beautiful, and my mission is to empower women by showing them back to themselves, showing them how their loved ones see them, showing them that they are enough. One portrait at a time. 








Let's celebrate everything that makes you you.


Am I eligible to apply?

If you are a self-identifying woman over the age of 18, absolutely! You can apply using the form above.

Can I nominate a friend/family member/coworker?

Absolutely! Just send them the link to this page so they can learn more and apply. It’s my goal to photograph a diverse group of women, starting with 21 extraordinary women in 2021.

As a participant, what would I receive?

A day all about celebrating you! You will enjoy a one-on-one styling consultation, hair and makeup artistry, photoshoot, reveal, and complimentary gallery exhibit print. Additional prints and products can be purchased at the reveal appointment. The total cost to participate is just $399 as a retainer to secure your spot and cover studio fees and printing. If you decide to purchase a collection with additional photos, you will receive $250 in credit towards your purchase!

Help! How will I know what to wear or how to pose?

No worries - that’s my specialty! I have photographed hundreds of women and know exactly how to pose you to look your very best. You don't have to know what you are doing in the slightest. I will direct you every step of the way, from helping you prepare for your photo shoot with wardrobe tips, to posing every inch of you, to coaching your breathing through the session. You just need to show up and my team and I will take care of the rest!

What if I’m just not photogenic?

Not photogenic? Nonsense! It is not your job to be “photogenic”. It's my job to help you feel comfortable and beautiful so you can let your walls down and let your beautiful light shine.


Safety is always #1! That's why I am COVID-19 Barbicide-certified. My team and I are taking extra precautions including deep cleaning the studio before and after every client, wearing a mask at all times, holding styling consultations through Zoom, and hosting your reveal on the same day of your photoshoot. I only take one client per day - no back-to-back or mini sessions here!

This sounds incredible. How can I be a part of the campaign?? Woohoo!

If you would like to apply, just use the form above. For other inquiries or media questions, please contact me here.




I believe every woman is a work of art.

I am so excited to show you!

“I felt, seen, heard, and beautiful in a way that I have never experienced and can only truly be explained by working with her. I can't say enough positive things about how special the experience was working with Lucia..”

Kendal A

Don't wait to do this! Lucia has the unique ability to see you as YOU truly you are. She captures your personality, not just a photo - and that's why I think everyone looks photogenic when Lucia's lens is turned on them.

Trisha P

"Lucia has this incredible gift of making the photoshoot a very calm and happy time. She is unbelievably talented, and has the knack for capturing a person as the best version of themselves. I've never felt so beautiful.

Claire W