One of my favorite things about my High School Senior Model Program is that I get to create these super outside the box creative shoots for my girls. These shoots push me to think differently and test the boundaries of my creativity. For this shoot I had two dancers, which made my creative, dance loving heart jump for joy.  Haley, pictured in this post has been studying dance for most of her life, primarily focusing on modern style. Ballet is the style that lends itself best to photography so we don't have as many truly dance style images as I'd hoped for, but I still love what we do have. For this shoot I wanted to add an unusual element to create a more creative dance styled shoot. I was reading "Where the Wild Things Are" to my five year old, and I've always loved the part where a forest grows in Max's room until "the walls became the world all around." I was inspired to create an indoor forest for my dancers.  I cut branches from the olive orchard on my property and set them up in my studio along with my vintage wooden ladder. We tried a couple of different looks on Haley, but my favorite is the first one with the exposed hoop skirt. What's your favorite?